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Surgical Services

Perioperative services represents one of the greatest challenges for inventory storage and movement. Due to the tremendous variety of inventory used, high cost of many items , nursing staff involvement and different PAR locations with the operating room, the challenges of efficient space utilization for storage become much more complex. The following Acart products have excellent applications these operating room storage areas:

  • Clean Core –Since space is typically limited in clean core areas and inventory must be readily available and visible, PAR WALL, PAR STOR lll, Basket Carts, Suture Carts and Acart Wire shelving offer excellent utility while minimizing the storage footprint by up to 50%.
  • Anesthesia Work Rooms – Inventory items used in anesthesia range in size from small syringes to large, bulky breathing circuits. All of the storage product categories used in a clean core area have excellent application here.
  • Operating Room Storage – For accounts specifying built-in OR storage, Acart offers stainless steel casework and cabinetry. LogiCell “cell” system is frequently used due to its high density storage and excellent organization of supplies. Hybrid OR's typically use built-in LogiCell stainless steel cabinets for this reason. LogiCell carts are used as supply carts when mobile storage is the requirement. Specialty supplies for a specific service are stored in one or more LogiCell carts configured to accommodate these supplies while LogiCell stock carts are used for general OR supplies.
  • Documentation Stations – All stainless steel construction cabinetry houses electronic components and work station for nursing staff.