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Servicing not only the operating room but also many other hospital locations, a tremendous quantity and variety of inventory must be stored in this department. Effective space planning is critical so that not only can space be effectively utilized but also so that the inventory can be readily accessed for case cart picking and similar. In addition, storage of wrapped instrument packs and rigid instrument containers represent special challenges for storage and access.

The following Acart products have excellent applications for an SPD:

  • Acart brand wire shelving – available in high quality, hospital grade chrome steel, every size and option configuration is available.
  • Track Systems for high density storage – skate, carriage and mechanical assist systems all provide high density storage that provides for the maximum use of space.
  • Basket Carts – ideal for loose, bulky items as well as IV solutions.
  • PAR STOR lll and PAR WALL –all high density storage products that are excellent in an SPD.
  • Case Carts – both standard sized as well as custom stainless steel case carts are available.
  • Reprocessing Equipment – work tables, height adjustable tables, instrument assembly stations and utensil/instrument container carts are essential in every SPD.