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Linen & Environmental Services


Acart carries a wide variety of linen carts, accessories, hamper carts for the storage and moving of clean and soiled linen.

Environmental Services

With the rising occurrence of HAI (hospital acquired infections) every potential source of contamination is being eliminated. Plastic storage bins are widely recognized as attracting and retaining dirt, dust and debris. They are seldom if ever cleaned. As a result, plastic storage bins are coming under increasing scrutiny by infection control practioners. LogiQuip's storage products use wire mesh baskets and dividers that don't trap dirt or debris thereby eliminating intensive labor cleaning procedures.

Acart has you "Covered"!

Print and fill out our Cart Cover Worksheet. Scan ( or fax (888-965-3984) the finished document with your contact information to Acart and we'll contact you the same day with a quote. If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 665-3760.