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Cath Lab, IR, & Endoscopy

In the cardiac cath and IR departments, LogiCell mobile carts, cabinets and casework are the preferred method of storage. Each LogiCell storage model uses a patent pending “cell” system to support shelves, wire baskets and plastic bins. Excellent high density storage along with inventory organization is achieved. Tambour doors or hinged glass doors are available. Catheters are supported from catheter hangers. LogiCell mobile carts come in different heights and widths. Cabinetry and casework is available in laminate or stainless steel. Endless modular configurations are available.

For endoscopy departments, LogiCell scope cabinetry is available in laminate or stainless steel for storage of flexible endoscopes. With ambient or forced air ventilation, LogiCell endoscopy storage can store a wide range of flexible endoscope types and increases storage capacity by up to 15% over other methods.

Due to the increasingly invasive nature of many of the procedures in these departments, stainless steel is the choice for construction. Supplementing LogiCell for storage in these departments are Acart wire shelving, PAR WALL and PAR STOR lll product lines.

Design Your Own LogiCell Cart!

Simply draw the baskets, totes, shelves, or other accessories into the blank templates to create your own custom interiors. 

Scan ( or fax (888-965-3984) the finished document with your contact information to Acart and we will send you a quote the same day.  If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 665-3760.